My Inspiration

“Hi my name is Linda Gregory, I have been a Freelance Investigative Journalist since 1993…Today I have been working on a site for my book, “Linda Gregory and the Little People”…I was doing real well, until I forgot to SAVE my comment that I wrote to explain the concept behind the book!

Since I am some what electronically challenged, and not real familiar with Word Press or creating a Blog…its par for the course!!

It saddens me though, because I have such a great Love for the Little People, any and All who so often Suffer in silence!!

My book is a way of giving them a platform…a safe place to say how they really feel about Society, and how they have or are being treated!!

I’d also like to ask that you NOT judge a book by its cover…take time to think about what you read or see, and don’t be offended by the uncensored language that may be used!

Jesus Christ is my, “Master, my Lord and Savior, my Life and I am NOT ashamed to carry his message everywhere I go.

I will walk and talk with anyone who wants to talk with me, and I don’t just listen, I hear what they say to me!!

Pray for me as I work to set up this website and perfect it, so that the Little People will have a site to share things with the world!

Also if there is someone out there in my local area of Hermiston, Pendleton, Umatilla or Irrigon, Oregon that has taken on an adventure like this before and would be willing to assist me, please go on Facebook to: Linda Gregory and send me a message!

Have a blessed day!

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